R&D and Service

1/East Europe
1. Lamps must work under extreme low temperature in Russian market. Most customers require a good performance on starting time.
2. Full Spiral models are most popular in Russian market. Especially T2 for low power and T5 for High Power are main products.
3. Russia is one of the main markets in the world for High Power CFL. And now in markets, part customers have begun 125W Full Spiral.

2/Middle East
1. Dubai is collecting and distributing center of CFL between China, Middle East and Africa.
2. 3U and Full Spiral are main popular models in these markets.
3. Some customers require 12000 K products in Africa, belonging to low quality and low price.
4. Colorful products are popular.

3/South Asia
1. Most customers purchase SKD from China, because there are lower customs duties and labor cost. The most popular models are low power Half Spiral 5W to 32W, and high power 45w to 105w.
2. Generator is often used because power off. Under this circumstance, common CFL can not work healthily with a good life. To solve this problem, CFL products must have the ability to stand voltage fluctuation between 140v and 280v.
3. Part customers have already begun business on Power Factor 0.9, to improve electricity exchange rate and decrease electricity pollution. There is a formula calculating star range. It mainly has higher requirement on luminous efficacy and Power Factor.

4/Southeast Asia 
1. Market Positioning. Indonesia is third biggest CFL market around the world with sales over 200 million pcs. Of them 40% belongs to high quality and middle quality 60% belongs to low quality. Indonesian government also encourages usage of high and middle quality.
2. Products Model. The popular models include 2U, 4U and Spiral; 25W and 45W are the most popular watts.
3. Package Design. Middle box is widely used by Indonesian customers.
4. Technique Support. CFL need to be resistant to high temperature in Indonesia; Snow white color is broadly welcomed.

5/Latin America
1. Almost each country has strict certificate requirement from government, including ENCE, NORM and RETILAP.
2. Half Spiral and 3U are most popular models.
3. For high power, PF 0.9 is mostly required.
4. Lumens Maintenance is tested in lab.