R&D and Service

Crystal LED Panel
After our R & D and repeated tests, our company has broken through the side-lighting structure of the panel light, and successfully developed the back–light structure – we named the new panel light as “Crystal LED Panel Light” . 
Our company has not stopped the results of the above research and development, we also achieved results in high power, high brightness and bigger light angle: the maximum light efficiency can reach 90Lm/W, to achieve good light brightness and light saturation; And the light angle is as least 270 degree.  For example, the 45W and 60W Crystal Panel Light can well replace the ordinary large panel light, and the installation is even more simple.
For the new “ Crystal LED Panel Light “, we have realized full series of production of 12W, 18W, 24W, 30W, 45W, and 60W;  It can be used as commercial , residential, medical lighting and so on, with wide range of applications.